Toshiko Mori and Good Curiosity in the Exercise of Architecture

Captura de tela do filme “Women in Architecture”. Imagem © ArchDaily

In architecture, context is what concerns human existence in a given place. Climate, culture, geography, and pre-existences, to name just a few. For Toshiko Mori, a Japanese architect based in the United States, context is everything that arouses curiosity about the people we design for. In almost four decades as the head of her office in New York, Mori has had the opportunity to exercise her interest in design practice and academia, managing to build her buildings in contexts as diverse as China, U.S., and Senegal.

With Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge and Gabriela Carrillo, Toshiko Mori is part of the new documentary Women in Architecture, premiering November 3. The film — made by Sky-Frame in exclusive collaboration with ArchDaily, and directed by Boris Noir — is a catalyst for debate on one of the most pressing topics in architecture.

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