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Hello and welcome to my portfolio. An Architecture, Interior Designer and Property Consultant. Turn your dreamed and desiered piece of thought to a real existing creature.

  • Request for Proposal: Design Competition for the Marine, Business, Research and Innovation Center (MBRIC) in Ceiba, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico’s Local Redevelopment Authority for Roosevelt Roads (LRA) is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP #2022-004) through a Design Competition. The objective for this RFP is to obtain proposals from qualified architectural and engineering firms able to provide a full range of services – including studies, design, sustainability design, permits procurement and other services – for the development and construction of the Marine Business, Research and Innovation Center (MBRIC). Located in the eastern region of the island - specifically in the former Coast Guard Pier in Roosevelt Roads, Ceiba, municipality - the project will be developed in conjunction with Bluetide Puerto Rico, Inc., which collaborated with the LRA in the development of the program, as well as in establishing the needs and requirements necessary for the development of MBRIC. Bluetide will be responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of the facilities.

  • Rome to Undergo an Ecological Transition by 2050 Through an Initiative Led by Stefano Boeri

    In line with the United Nations agenda of climate neutrality by 2050, the Rome City Council has announced the establishment of a Laboratory titled “Laboratorio Roma050 – il Futuro della Metropoli Mondo", a project proposed and led by Italian architect Stefano Boeri, which aims to draw up an ecological vision for Rome in 2050. The urban regeneration project consists of 12 young architects and urban planners under the age of 35, along with 4 renowned architects as mentors, who collectively have specific experience in terms of studies and research regarding the Italian capital.

  • Chia Ching House Taifong Golf Club / Álvaro Siza Vieira + Carlos Castanheira

    The principal movement in the Game of Golf is a mix of power and elegance, and perfect balance. Expressing the entire process of design and construction of a Building is a common problem. There is something else, beyond the simple technical gesture or response to a brief, be that brief more or less complex. A Project cannot be measured by the first move, even though it is the fundamental move. It has to carry a great deal of energy, a great elegance, even if doing so discretely. An “a posteriori” analysis allows us to discern just how important that first move is, or the attitude, or concept, or something which we don’t find easy to explain.

  • Sick Architecture: CIVA Exhibition Explores the Relation between Architecture and Disease

    “Sick Architecture” opened on May 5th at CIVA in Brussels. Co-curated by Beatriz Colomina, the exhibition investigates the intrinsic relation between architecture and sickness. The architectural discourse always weaves itself through theories of body and brain, constructing the architect as a kind of doctor and the client as the patient. Architecture has been portrayed as a form of prevention and cure for thousands of years. Yet architecture is also often the cause of illness, from the institution of hospitals to toxic building materials and sick building syndrome. The outbreak of the COVID-15 pandemic further highlighted this topic.