Mehdi Sadeghi

I'm an Architect
based in Tehran


Hello and welcome to my portfolio. An Architecture, Interior Designer and Property Consultant. Turn your dreamed and desiered piece of thought to a real existing creature.

  • Kuvo House / Stanaćev Granados

    In 2021, we were commissioned to design a small house located in Matanzas, a coastal town in Chile known for its excellent conditions for water sports. The client requested a 70 m2 house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, designed for a young audience, that had to be cost-effective to build and preferably developed on two levels to have sea views.

  • Guaxuma House / Angeli.Leão

    Located on Guaxuma Beach, just 20 minutes from the urban center of Maceió, the project is situated in a sparsely populated residential area, characterized by a hot and humid tropical climate, where the land still preserves the native coastal vegetation. Near the land, with an extension of 500m, there is a minimally urbanized waterfront with some beach bars.

  • Santa Monica Courtyard Houses / Inaba Williams Architects

    “Title 24” (California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards) inspired the design of the net-zero homes. We see the state’s recently implemented code as an opportunity to reinvent the Southern California single-family dwelling.

  • Shenzhen Women & Children’s Center / MVRDV

    Construction on the MVRDV-designed Shenzhen Women & Children’s Centre is complete, transforming an old mixed-use tower into a vibrant and colorful skyscraper hosting a hotel and a wide range of facilities for the welfare of women and children: a library, an auditorium, a children’s theatre and “discovery hall”, as well as therapy rooms and offices for staff. With its colorful façade, the building is a refreshing presence in Shenzhen’s Futian district; more importantly, at 100 meters tall, the building sets an important precedent for repurposing buildings in a city that is soon to see a “great wave of adaptive reuse”.