Mehdi Sadeghi

I'm an Architect
based in Tehran


Hello and welcome to my portfolio. An Architecture, Interior Designer and Property Consultant. Turn your dreamed and desiered piece of thought to a real existing creature.

  • De Sibbe Shelter House for Children / Atelier M Architects + Planners by

    “De Sibbe” – This project encompasses the phased construction of a shelter home for 15 children coming from a household experiencing physical or mental abuse or parents dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Originally, the plot contained two structures: a garage building and a former doctor's residence housing the former shelter home.

  • Flourish Pavilion / Studio A-Light

    In the greenhouse, where sunlight and moisture converge, emerges a sacred space for the growth of flowers and crops. Inspired by the everyday scenery of agricultural greenhouses in Changhua, Taiwan, "Flourish" features a bamboo-structured dome. This artwork utilizes agricultural materials such as bamboo and agricultural mesh, aiming to showcase the vitality of blooming flowers through modern geometric structures. The interior of the dome presents a variety of spaces, including large floral floating islands, greenhouse mist irrigation systems, original electronic music, and projection art, intending to bring a vibrant new atmosphere of spring to the public.

  • How Can Cities Cool down Large Urban Car Parks?

    The urban heat island effect occurs when pavements, roads, and buildings absorb the sun's heat and radiate it back, causing the temperature to increase and preventing the city from cooling down. With the growing reliance on cars in cities, the number of urban car park spaces is also increasing to accommodate buildings. This has resulted in the conversion of large areas of pervious land covered with vegetation into impervious hard surfaces for more car parks. The use of materials like asphalt, combined with the lack of shade, reflective steel surfaces of parked cars, and loss of greenery in these extensive car parks, contributes to the amplification of high-temperature effects and extreme heat events, making urban spaces uncomfortable. This transformation is impacting the climate of car-dependent regions and calls for collaborative ideas and efforts to mitigate the negative effects of rising heat.

  • psW House & Music Studio / BLAF Architecten

    Piet Goddaer, also known as Ozark Henry, lives and works in the coastal region, where he experienced the most beautiful times of his youth. When he was looking for a suitable industrial building to house his new studio - ‘I need space and height’ - a for-sale farmstead caught his attention. The house with adjacent stable and shop initially charmed him because of their location by the old canal. He realized that this would be his new creative nest at the first sight of the enormous garage for agricultural vehicles at the back. A complete surprise, as that building was largely hidden from the street view.