Ajin office building

Ajin office building is one of the distinguished modern buildings in Shahrake-Gharb.
From your imagination to reality

Modern Design

A modern office is often defined by the people and the culture of the business, as well as the aesthetics. In terms of the office space itself, a modern office is likely to comprise of light/white décor, large spaces and minimal furniture – creating a modernistic approach.

Some of the buildings features

The building is featured with diffrent new and updated equipments such as :

Smart Office System

An Online Controlling System which allows the owners to take the control of the building remotely!

Decorative motivation​

Aside the Job itself, An attractive design can mesmerize both Employees and Customers


The building is equiped with the best lighing system, allows individuals to feel the morning's sensation even at the end of the day!

Spacious parking

1. Sufficient capacity. 2. Good ingress, egress and access. 3. Efficient traffic flow pattern. 4. Good safety and maintenance features.​


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