Kourosh Residence

Kourosh Residence Tower has been built in 22 levels with 26 residential units located in Zafaranie

Entry Section's Ceiling

Neoclassical and classical style design are two words that are directly related to each other, and if we call classical style the mother of styles and the most original architectural policy, neoclassical style will emerge from it and will be a new generation of classical design. Neoclassical design seeks to present the beauty and splendor of the classical style in a modern way, while at the same time showing simplicity and elegance and having a strong connection with the natural elements of the classical style.This style is inspired by Roman and Greek art in ancient times, with the difference that in a modern way it instills an aesthetic sense to the audience. And it is a good choice for designing big houses, generous villas and luxury spaces.

Bath Room

Being good is different from being successful; The executive operation of the building must be performed exclusively by the building engineer who has the authority to execute the building. The executor is the technical representative of the employer in the execution of the building and is responsible for all stages of the work to the supervisor or supervisors and other controlling authorities.

A general contractor, or GC, in a construction project is the party responsible for scheduling and overseeing the day-to-day activities of a construction project. General contractors are hired to manage the project from groundbreak to its completion, providing the materials, labor, and equipment. With up to 20 years of Contracting, our team is able to solve any kind of problems and restrictions on your project.

Contractual Principles


Kourosh Residence:

-Employer: Kourosh Shokrollahi

-Location: Saffron of Asaf Street

-Date: 1396

-Area: 14,000 meters under the building

-Services: Full Detail Design and Construction of the building under the management of Mr.Mohsen Ali Mohammadi.