Best Practices for Materials and Constructive Techniques

Casa em Cunha / Arquipélago Arquitetos. Image © Federico Cairoli

When developing a project, an architect needs to deal with numerous decisions: Does the building correspond with the client’s requirements? Can the contractors build it without problems? Are the costs what were initially expected? Does the project have a good relationship with its surroundings? How will it age? To figure all of this out, the professional must take into account several issues that will both influence each other and directly affect the final product. Among these, the chosen materials and constructive techniques play an essential role, as these elements are what give shape to the designer’s vision and can influence factors such as the accessibility or the environmental impact of a building.

However, being well-versed in all the options, advantages and disadvantages of each decision is a herculean task that demands resources, research and time – factors that are usually scarce in our profession. Under the motto “What is good architecture”, we have compiled a series of articles that exemplify best practices in the use of constructive materials and techniques, seeking to cover as much ground as possible for all types of questions:

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