When Vintage Meets Modern: 5 Barn Lights That Achieve a Contemporary Aesthetic

Calla Pendant Ceiling Lights. Image Courtesy of Cocoweb

Characterized by a simple structure and a gable roof, the traditional barnyard typology responds to its original function: sheltering farm products and livestock. In recent years, however, the barn aesthetic has evolved tremendously, sparking the interest of designers with its enduring rustic charm, minimalistic shape, refined ornamentation and modularity – qualities that have long made it popular in countryside hideaways. Reinterpreted to fit a contemporary style, the vintage typology has conquered modern projects that seek to offer an escape from the fast-paced, dense reality of urban life. Whether refurbishing historic farms or building new homes designed to resemble barns, architects have drawn inspiration from the industrial origins of traditional barnyards, but adding a modern twist.

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