Mehdi Sadeghi

I'm an Architect
based in Tehran


Hello and welcome to my portfolio. An Architecture, Interior Designer and Property Consultant. Turn your dreamed and desiered piece of thought to a real existing creature.

  • Contentful Workplace / toi toi toi creative studio

    toi toi toi creative studio (T3) researches, designs, and delivers feel-good spaces. This ethos was  applied to the 8,215 sq.m interior for Berlin's software company Contentful. The imminent return  of employees after the corona pandemic required rethinking the work environment. T3's vision  was to design human-centric, agile spaces of a new standard. At the outset, a design committee was established with representatives from each Contentful  department, enabling employees to participate fully in the transformation. The result is a space  with human interaction at its core.  ‘Contentfulers’ start their day with end-of trip-facilities such as underground-bike parking,  showers, a fitness room, and custom-designed smart lockers situated throughout the interior. For  a bit of fun, individually programmed speakers in the custom-designed gender-neutral  washrooms make every trip to the loo a different musical experience.

  • Forest Houses / Dallas-Pierce-Quintero

    Located on the edge of Newham’s Wanstead Flats, Forest Houses sees the transformation of a former builder’s yard into three new-build homes - including one 3-bedroom family house and two smaller 2-bedroom houses. The scheme also comprises the remodeling and extension of a former end-of-terrace shop that straddles the entrance to the site, to create another 1-bed home.

  • Restoration of Two Snow Wells in Sierra Espuña, Murcia / Ecoproyecta

    This project emerged from the Master Plan for the Snow Wells of Sierra Espuña, which included the cataloging and analysis of the state of conservation of these ancient ice factories. Thanks to this effort, in November 2022, the cultural landscape of the wells was declared a Cultural Heritage Site (BIC) in the category of "ethnographic place of interest." Among the urgent measures outlined in the Master Plan was the restoration of wells number 11 and 13 due to their uniqueness, accessibility, and state of conservation. Despite significant damage and the collapse of a substantial part of their domes, they still retained enough structure and data for their recovery. Well number 11 stands out as the largest in Sierra Espuña, posing a significant structural challenge. Well number 13 preserved part of its original dome, providing valuable information about its geometry.

  • From Tradition to Innovation: How Modern Technologies are Transforming the Potential of Wood

    Wood, one of the oldest building materials, has been continuously reinvented throughout history. As contemporary architecture becomes more and more concerned with sustainability and environmental responsibility, the popularity of the material has also increased. As trees absorb carbon dioxide during their growth, their wood stores that carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere. The materials derived from wood are thus associated with less greenhouse gas emissions on the condition of trees being harvested from sustainably managed forests. But in order to capture the full potential of this material, a plethora of techniques and modifications have evolved with the purpose of adapting and customizing wood’s characteristics to the demands of modern design and construction. From thermal modification to engineered wood or versatile particle boards, these methods not only enhance wood’s suitability for the rigors of contemporary architecture but also expand the usability of this sustainable material to an unprecedented scale.