Emilio López: “Latin American Architecture Is about Experimenting with Geography and Resources”

Don Juan House / Emilio López Arquitecto. Image © JAG Studio

Emilio López is an architect from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador and holds a Master’s degree in History and Theory of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has been involved in several design projects that have an interesting connection with the territory, such as Muta House and Don Juan House. Recently, he was recognized for this work in Pamplona during the 2023 Latin American Architecture Biennial.

He states that he still resides in Ecuador, a territory with one of the world’s greatest biodiversities. He mentions that the geography, plants, climates, and cultures of the country provide significant stimuli, and argues that through architecture, there emerges the opportunity for immersion and blending with the environment, allowing oneself to be transformed by the surroundings. He asserts that the power of architecture lies in being a product of the immersive engagement that involves rethinking its relationship with resources and the world in which he lives.

In the following interview, get to know even more about the inspirations and work processes of Emilio López Arquitecto.

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