4 Modular Wooden Homes: Tiny House, Cabin, Extension, and Dwelling

NestHouse by Studio Bark. Image © Jim Stephenson

A few years ago, the architects at Studio Bark, in collaboration with Structure Workshop and Cut and Construct, began to develop the idea of a circular kit of parts designed so that anyone with reasonable DIY skills could build their own structure. This is U-Build, a modular system made of wood panels crafted with the precision of a computer-controlled cutting machine (CNC). The panels are delivered to the construction site in a compact box, ready to be assembled, stacked, and screwed to shape the walls, floors, and ceilings. Only a few tools are needed, such as a rubber mallet, a drill, a tape measure, and a level.

While this system allows the construction of various types of buildings, its high level of customization finds particular utility and effectiveness in housing projects of all scales. From a tiny house for a couple opting for simplicity, to an off-grid cabin in the woods, a Georgian cottage extension, and a 3-bedroom efficiency home, U-Build has brought extraordinary prefabricated wooden homes to life.

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