In the Hood: 11 Projects Built in Favelas and Peripheral Neighborhoods

Mrs. Fan’s Plugin House / People’s Architecture Office. Image © Gao Tianxia / People’s Architecture Office

It is rare for houses in favelas to be recognized for their architectural qualities. In the history of the ArchDaily Building of the Year Award, this has happened only twice: in 2016 with Vila Matilde House, by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos, and in this year’s edition with House in Pomar do Cafezal designed by Coletivo LEVANTE. Located in Belo Horizonte, the house was built for the musician and cultural manager Kdu dos Anjos, who prefers to call it “my shack”.

In both cases, the reduced area, simple materials and modest budget were not impediments to a virtuous architectural project that took full advantage of the qualities of the surroundings and the terrain’s orientation, proving that limitations can serve as an impetus for higher quality projects.

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