Finland Pavilion Declares Death of The Flushing Toilet for La Biennale Di Venezia 2023

The Finnish Pavilion, designed by Alvar Aalto. Image © Nico Saieh

At the 2023 Biennale Architettura, Finland’s Pavilion will present its exhibition Huussi, which deals with the architecture of water and nutrient circulation, questioning the water toilet and Its implications for the future. “Huussi” is the Finish word for an outhouse, a small compost toilet commonly used by Finns in rural settings and holiday homes. The exhibition, curated by The Dry Collective, a group of Finish architects, presents this typology as a starting point for the mismanagement of wastewater, inspiring professionals to start envisioning new sanitary solutions. At the core of the presentation, the exhibition questions the consequences of waste in the context of the current climate crisis the world is going through.

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