The Bathroom as a Source of New Energy: AXOR x Hadi Teherani

AXOR Citterio E I AXOR Starck Shower Column. Image Courtesy of AXOR

Hadi Teherani approaches his architecture and design projects holistically. Born in Teheran and raised in Hamburg, he is a prolific and versatile designer whose works can be found in Germany and all over the world. His projects have been recognized with internationally renowned awards for their ecologically-sound sustainability and holistic approach. Maybe that’s the reason for his constant stream of ideas: he sees the process of creation as a reaction to what he sees, senses and feels.

Designing from personal perception and inspiration, Teherani’s bathroom concept for the AXOR DISTINCTIVE project was born. When asked by the brand how he would define his very personal “bathroom with personality”, the architect answered with a design that reflects an individual idea of this space, derived from this self-image — in its daily use, its design and its furnishing.

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