From Sketch to 3D Model: A Tool for the Architectural Concept Design

Cortesia de Spaces

In the 1956 competition to design the city of Brasilia, Lucio Costa’s proposal differed significantly from his competitors’. In contrast with the detailed plans and well-designed perspectives of the other competitors, the winning proposal presented the minimum required by the tender: a drawing of the pilot plan and a report. In the report, a few simple drawings supported the text, demonstrating the architect’s ability to synthesize ideas in a few lines.

Having the ability to express an idea through drawing facilitates the design process for an architect or designer, whether it is to develop the concepts, or even to represent the building. A good sketch should be easy to understand, even for those without technical knowledge, and provides a visual representation of the important elements of a project, such as spaces, dimensions, circulation and relationships between elements. Although most architects now master three-dimensional tools and hand sketches are no longer indispensable, there are tools that combine several new functionalities with the good old act of drawing.

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