It Is Possible to Add a Bathroom Anywhere: How Does a Macerator Work?

Cortesia de Saniflo

We have written a lot about the adaptive reuse of buildings and how this should become an even more important activity for architects in the future. Focusing on interiors, it consists of adapting spaces to new demands, promoting quality and comfort, and often incorporating new technologies into a space. Whether adding a new bedroom, organizing a home office, or transforming a historical building into an office, the architects’ creativity allows them to create interesting environments without the need for demolishing. But one thing that tends to make designers scratch their heads in concern is how to include bathrooms and all the complication that it entails. This is because adding a simple toilet usually requires breaking slabs, walls, and floors, working with thick plumbing, and, above all, spending a lot of money and time. There is, however, the possibility of using a macerating pump system – a straightforward, affordable solution for creating a complete or half bathroom practically anywhere.

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