When Light Tells a Building’s Story: What is Architectural Lighting?

Linear Suspended Lighting. Image Courtesy of Alcon Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in architecture: to allow users to see, safely inhabit spaces, and carry out their daily activities. But its power has long exceeded these basic functions, primarily driven by technological advances and new design trends that have led to greater innovation and creativity. Contemporary lighting design has the ability to completely transform a room, impacting visual comfort and setting the tone by defining volumes, drawing attention to texture and enhancing colors. It can also determine shape and size perception; for example, in a room that is particularly small, having extra lighting reflect off light-colored walls will help the space appear larger. Similarly, light has been proven to affect mood, concentration and overall well-being. Whereas an adequately illuminated environment is associated to warmth and improved energy levels, poor lighting can lead to health deficiencies, including headaches, eyestrain and even depression.

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