Women in Architecture: Gabriela Carrillo

Fotograma documental “Women in Architecture”. Image © ArchDaily

Mexican architect Gabriela Carrillo has built an exemplary career and is passionate about the city, territory, and diversity. Her widely awarded works, first in partnership with Mauricio Rocha and now running her own studio, have become the reference image when discussing contemporary architecture in Mexico. Her projects translate the world’s needs, developing constant work to recognize the values of the territory in order to provide spaces that dignify its inhabitants. Situated between praxis, theory, and research, her interests are focused on the everyday, leading a flexible and dynamic practice that allows her to maintain a balance between working and living.

Alongside Toshiko Mori and Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge, Gabriela Carrillo is part of the new documentary “Women in Architecture” to be released on the 3rd of November 2022. The film promoted by Sky-Frame, in exclusive collaboration with ArchDaily and under the direction of Boris Noir, is an impulse for inspiration, debate, and reflection around one of the most pressing issues in architecture.

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