Brick Visual: A Decade of Architectural Visualization and Communications

HPP Architekten – Essen Innovation Campus . Image Courtesy of Brick Visual

Architectural projects have been growing in complexity at an exponential pace while delivery times have shortened. In response to these demands, specialized visualization studios have become essential to architects and firms with high demands and tight deadlines. Brick Visual, the Budapest-based high-end visualization studio, reflects on its 10 years in the industry and the current state of architectural visualization. 

Brick Visual was founded in 2012 by a few ambitious young professionals whose dream was to create visuals for the most reputed architecture firms around the globe. From a small downtown apartment in Budapest, the handful of visualizers worked to address the needs of its clients while building a culture of innovation and artistic excellence. Since then, the small Hungarian collective transitioned into an international team of nearly 100 experts, who are based in their loft headquarters in Budapest, and satellite offices in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and Verona, Italy.

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