Announcing “Women in Architecture” Documentary

To make our world a better place, everyone should have an idea of how architecture works and what it can have an impact on. 

Thinking on how to share empowering stories about women who are making an impact on the built environment through architecture, we partnered with filmmaker Boris Noir who developed the concept for the documentary “Women in Architecture”. The project has been initiated by Sky-Frame to shed more light on the role of women in architecture, by increasing their visibility and empowering them to realize their full potential.

We reached out to three architects in three different countries, in different stages of their career, but with a lot in common: recognized practitioners, with a passion for education, working with communities, and a sensibility towards the needs of society and the built environment. 

The protagonists shared with us a variety of fundamental topics, such as their perspectives on being a woman in an industry led by men, how to balance work and private life, and general challenges women experience in the profession. Their enthusiasm provides a space for reflection and inspiration.

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