A’ Design Award Winners: Top 20 Best Projects in “Good Architectural Design”

Jinan Cultural Sport and Archives, Public Center, Muchuan Xu, Minxi Cai, Xin Yan, Jingyi Zhao, Qijun Lu, Shangzhao Yang, Xiaofeng Li, Zhongning Zhang, Guanbao Ye / Vantree Design / . Image Courtesy of A’ Design Award & Competition

The A’ Design Awards – the world’s leading annual international juried design competition – were established to promote and recognize the best design work in all countries and in all creative disciplines. The Award has 100 main categories, including Architecture, Building and Structure Design, Interior Space and Exhibition Design, and Furniture Design, in addition to others related to the world of Lighting, Landscape, Building Materials, and some “Super Categories” such as Good Industrial Design, Good Architectural Design, and more. Next year’s edition is now open for entries; designers can register their submissions here.

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