Beyond Aesthetics: Functional Color Technologies for Façades and Roofs

Courtesy of Swisspearl

The mystery of color intrigues us from a young age. Mixing paints to make new hues or watching sunbeams and crystals create rainbows becomes a fascinating part of our childhood long before we ever hear of chemistry and optics. As we grow, color continues to play a major role in how we experience the world, impacting mood, emotions, productivity and behavior. This explains why humans are naturally drawn to certain hues; it is hard-wired into their brains. There is a common perception, for example, that red, orange and yellow palettes create a feeling of warmth and cheerfulness, while browns, grays and blacks evoke sadness and melancholy. Of course, the same applies to design and the built environment, as together with texture, light and shadow, the spaces around us are defined by tones and nuances that shape what we see and how we feel. Hence, color ultimately transforms the way we perceive, feel and live architecture.

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