Integrating Modern Materials into a Historic Renovation

Cortesia de AZEK

Historical buildings are both a connection between the past and the present, and a way to preserve local memory and culture. They are witnesses of a past era and living examples of specific constructive techniques, styles and materials from another time. Maintaining them is therefore essential in making local communities feel a sense of belonging and shared history, especially if the building is a meeting place in itself, like a church. This is the case of Calvary Episcopal Church – located in the city of Burnt Hills, New York –, a wooden frame construction completed in 1849 that survived a large fire in 1967. In the prominent bell tower, severe leaks became so common that it was feared the structure and 1,000-pound bell were on the brink of collapse. To remedy the situation while maintaining its familiar, signature look, the decision was to use PVC materials, known for their durability. 

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