A Digital Riverbank Park in China and a Mountain Retreat in Aspen, Unites States: 9 Unbuilt Projects from Established Firms

Risingmountain in Aspen / NO Architecture. Framing views south toward Aspen Mountain, a series of five terraced glass, stone, and timber pavilions that ascend along the ridge of Red Mountain.. Image © No Architecture

This week’s curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights projects submitted by established firms. From a museum dedicated to Jewish history to a high-speed railway hub and a university student center, the following selection showcases a variety of concepts, design approaches, and programs developed by global architecture offices.

Featuring firms like KPF, Aedas, Fala Atelier, ADP Architecten, and Peter Pichler Architects, this week’s selection of unbuilt projects explore architectural and urban interventions at different scales and at varying stages of their development. Whether conceptual works or planned for execution, each project aims to offer an appropriate response to the spatial, functional, social, and environmental needs of its context.

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