Will Real-Time Technology Forever Change Real Estate?

Courtesy of Imerza

The real estate industry moves fast. It wasn’t so long ago that potential buyers narrowed their searches by driving around with a sheaf of printed listings, and designers and builders relied on CAD drawings and artist renderings to show yet-to-be-built spaces. Nowadays, advances in graphics technology have brought us interactive 3D renderings, making it easier for investors, buyers, and other stakeholders to truly understand the designs they’re looking at.

Following on from these advances, we’re also seeing technology that can excite and entice buyers, like sales configurators and interactive tours, where visitors can choose finishes and design their own spaces right before their eyes; virtual reality experiences, where architects can get feedback from investors on design at key stages of the process; shadow studies, where potential occupants can see how a space will be affected by sunlight at various times of day; and digital twins, where cities can get a true idea of a building’s usage, which leads to new ways to optimize efficiencies and design better spaces for residents.

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