7 Interviews with Architecture Professionals Discussing Digitization, the Metaverse and the Future of Architecture

El poder de la Data – Render interior . Image © Online Lab of Architecture (OLA)

Architecture as a profession is both deeply rooted in the past and driven by innovation. During the past few years, we have seen technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, developing tools and systems that change the way we understand the world. Digital spaces are becoming an accessible reality, as the metaverse is promising to enhance human interaction. Other digital tools such as robotic construction technologies, AI-generated images, and immersive virtual-reality equipment are likely to have a direct impact on the construction industry.

These topics are addressed by forward-looking architects, designers, and building industry professionals. Among others, contemporary artist Krista Kim talks about the economy of the metaverse, architect Alper Derinboğaz draws attention to the challenges facing the new generations of architects, and ICON founder Jason Ballard reveals the implications of technological innovations.

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