The Shower Versus Bath Debate

Courtesy of Rexa Design

Achieving the perfect bathroom design and layout for each user comes with a lot of very detailed decision-making. One example is the shower versus bath debate, which includes valid arguments in favor of each option, and no objective right or wrong. When designing a bathroom, architects must use their experience and perception to make decisions that will best respond to the layout’s spatial needs. Shower or bathtub standard dimensions, placement of elements, and material selection are some of the factors that must be studied before adjusting to the user’s requirements.

With an analysis of four factors –spatial needs, user needs, innovation, and sustainability– the following article aims to discuss the pros and cons of bathtubs and showers. Through a selection of innovative, accessible and space-saving bathroom layouts, all of which include products from the Bathroom category on Architonic, the discussion exemplifies solutions to possible shower and bathtub problems.

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