Construction Materials that Increase Resilience to Natural Disasters

Qunli Stormwater Wetland Park / Turenscape. Image Cortesia de Turenscape

Eucalyptus forests in Australia are known to burn periodically. It is the trees’ way of ensuring propagation, as its fruits – known as gumnuts – have an insulating layer breaks down with the heat of the fire. Once they open, the burnt soil is covered with seeds, initiating a process of forest renewal. Glenn Murcutt, an Australian architect, has created a body of work rooted in the country’s landscape. His innovative houses embrace the possibility of frequent fires, including elements that allow for fire control with the least possible loss. In short, the houses are built with very non-flammable materials, always have huge water reservoirs, and a “flood system” that allows the building and its immediate surroundings to be spared in the case of a forest fire.

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