Home Bar Design in Modern Residential Projects

MoBar 50 / Dometic Home. Image Courtesy of Dometic Home

According to a recent survey by spirits industry market analysis firm IWSR, 54% of online buyers of alcohol in the U.S. made their first purchase during the pandemic. Most consumers decided to ‘treat themselves’ to more expensive spirit brands than usual, many opting for the higher shelf bottles in order to finally master the art of home-made cocktails – elaborate, to-be-sipped drinks worthy of the bigger investment. IWSR says that those habits are sticking. Along with them comes the need for an aesthetic plan of attack concerning the display of said pricey bottles: home bar architecture. 

Gone are the days of dark, prohibition-inspired backrooms and post-war basement bars. The home bar has officially graduated to front and center in modern residential designs, and can serve a variety of functions for homeowners, interior designers, and architects. In addition to being a gathering space for guests, many home bars now serve as architectural eyecatchers in their own right and allow for the use of materials, furniture, and surfaces that would be out of place in other areas of the house. To inspire both amateur mixologists and design professionals (who says the two are mutually exclusive?), we have rounded up a list of product highlights from Architonic’s ‘drink cabinets’ section.

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