A Floating Pavilion in Slovenia and a Bicycle Route through the Tree-Tops in Italy: 10 Unbuilt Public Space Projects Submitted to ArchDaily

Tying the Knot – Atlanta Legacy Makers by OBJ. Image Courtesy of OBJ

One of the central responsibilities of urban planners and designers is to create places within the city for gatherings, demonstrations, leisure, and relaxation. The following list of unbuilt public spaces presents projects that expand these spaces beyond the shores or riverfronts, return misused spaces back to the local communities and seek to optimize otherwise overlooked areas. These types of interventions are essential in improving the quality of life of the citizens and in making cities more enjoyable to live in.

This week’s curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights projects submitted by the ArchDaily community. Located near a UNESCO heritage site in Italy, on top of an illegal dumping site in Dallas, Texas, or in a medieval city in northern Spain, this round-up of unbuilt projects showcases how architects and urban planners recognize the potential of urban places.

Read on to discover 10 curated projects of public spaces, along with their project descriptions from the architects.

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