22 Architecture Classics to Celebrate the Day of the Architect in Argentina

1. Casa de Estudios para Artistas / Antonio Bonet. 2. Terrace Palace / Antonio Bonet, Roberto Luna, Raúl Fernández y Alejandro Zamudio. 3. La Obra Urbana de Togo Díaz / José Ignacio Díaz. 4. Colegio Manuel Belgrano / Bidinost+Chute+Gasó+Lapacó+Meyer. 5. Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno / Testa, Bullrich y Cazzaniga. 6. Facultad de Arquitectura de Mendoza / Enrico Tedeschi. Image

Within South America, different dates have been established to pay tribute to and honour the career, life and work of architecture professionals. While in Uruguay it is celebrated every 27th of November in relation to the creation of the first Faculty of Architecture, in Brazil every 15th of December in homage to the birth of Oscar Niemeyer or in Chile every 4th of August for the founding of the College of Architects, the Argentine Federation of Architects’ Associations (FADEA) kept the 1st of July to commemorate the Day of the Argentinean Architect, respecting the establishment of the International Day of Architecture, established by the International Union of Architects (UIA) in 1985.

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